2 Responses to “Correcting the Bali error”

  1. RP Bajaj says:

    It puts things in correct perspective.

    However, the last para leaves escape route for the Minister, since it puts onus on the law-advisers for ill advice, if at all sought and so provided. If one is hell-bent on taking a particular course(as so directed, others’ advice, howsoever, good is not at all heard/taken.

  2. b.devasekhar says:

    Forget the commerce Minister . Indian team for negotiations at BALI was led by present commerce secretary who has spent more than 6-7 years dealing with WTO issues.Also Indian delegation was represented by Indian Ambassador to WTO MR JAYANT DASGUPTA who in Wto matters is more than five lawyers put together and who has spent a decade in WTO ISSUES and who are people of outstanding integrity.Besides Former ambassador WTO Jayant Das Gupta won several cases in WTO for India to name a few Wines and spirits caseetc.It is not understandable how a basic issue like this could be missed by them.

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