5 Responses to “Demographic dividend or toxic time bomb”

  1. says:

    Actually a Treason Crime Commission is needed to try out creeps who have created communal divides.

  2. Sunitaa Shashank says:

    Crsip expression…..excellent

  3. Prakash Katoch says:

    Actually a Treason Crime Commission is needed to try out creeps who have created communal divides.

  4. Paramjit Brar says:

    read “Demographic dividend…..” : Hardeepji, your analysis is perfect . India needs to do all you have so eloquently stated…………but the only hitch is corruption. Almost every civil servant/politician is on the take, nobody is satisfied with the FAT salary package/perks he/she is getting……..there is very low focus on the job at hand and how to improve the system. Govt offices have the same environment as they did when we were in college…………except for better air-conditioners and cleaner towels on the back-rests of those high chairs. People who excel in in sector are the ones who think,live and dream about their work and not look for loopholes in the dusty files to extract more money. EVERYBODY in India knows that corruption is the only disease……………..pay the top guys a million rupees a month and demand time-bound results………or kick them out permanently………..bring in such a law. Do something drastic otherwise the cancer will hit the vitals very very soon. There are already too many ministries, departments to govern………..but nobody is really working. Govt officers don’t behave like civil servants…………they behave like uncivil dictators……….very haughty and arrogant. At every step there is a demand for money. With inflation already causing real incomes to halve for the bottom 50%, what more cruelty can you heap on them. Why can’t a politician or a bureaucrat be satisfied with say 10 crores of illegal wealth. Why does he want to make 100 or more crores in a country like India where there are millions below the poverty line……..its a shame. If it doesn’t stop, all these stashes will disappear if social unrest ever takes place (GOD FORBID). Why can’t we abolish income tax till 25 lacs/yr when we are taxed so heavily at every stage. Why can’t we create a perfect environment for business, where a law-abiding,tax-paying businessman is treated at the same level as any politician or bureaucrat………..after all, most revenues depend on the enterprise of a few risk-takers.

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