5 Responses to “Foreign Policy challenges for the new Government”

  1. megha gawde says:

    Indeed a clear extent towards foreign policy. ..We need this kind of vision to look into

  2. kvlnswamy says:

    you are true sir, India needs a strong leadership that can be possible by NDA with BJP lead. India is also looking a change particularly in the feudal System opted in the Present Political scenario when we have great leaders why should we focus on one family when we call one the biggest Democracy we follow in the entire world. when the entire world is looking on us we need a strong leadership so that India Can Empower and have his own Manufacturing Industry’s where there is no use to pay a Royalty to the other Countries. its a small idea where we can save our Economy and Foreign EXchange

  3. Manoj John says:

    Mr. Puri, Isn’t there a contradiction in what you say about ‘no first use’ on nuclear weapon use as widely accepted and at the same time you trying to play down the aggressive tone ‘will revise and update nuclear policy ‘ in BJP manifesto ?

  4. Lovely Dayal says:

    A very big hello to the next NSA Chief..

  5. Promella Suri says:

    I read it now after the elections… really admire your vision, Amb. Hardeep Singh Puri

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