2 Responses to “Issues of Legacy: Losing the battle for perceptions, Sanjaya Baru, Part 3”

  1. Vinod Tuli says:

    # Dr MM Singh was right due to his known image as a Professional entity. I recall his intelligent speeches at various fora organised by CII/FICCI etc Industry Associations full of energy and Confidence as Finance Minister in Rao Govt. He kept the top brass of Industry of India spell bound. Nothing of that zest was visible during his long tenure as PM. Age and illness might be one factor in addition to Political interference if not Diktats, if any? No comment on what Sanjay might claim or for that matter Natwar Singh?

  2. Anand says:

    You are absolutely right we will have to wait for History and for Dr. Singh himself to unravel that why he suffered such ignominy at the hands of opposition, media,nation at large including the actual Power Center and suffer in silence!!! However he should not wait too long and if possible lighten the weight of ignominy on his heart by actually revealing the TRUTH and saving the NATION from possible future disasters!!!

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