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  1. Poulasta Chakraborty says:

    Respected Sir,

    If I may, I am Poulasta Chakraborty writing on behalf of Swarajya. Trust this mail finds you well.

    Sir, as can be seen in the news, India-Pakistan tensions has been occupying the headlines for quite some time now.

    Pakistan’s ally China has extended its technical hold on India’s move to get JeM chief Masood Azhar designated a terrorist by the United Nations.

    With such complexities marauding around, we were hoping if you could share your thoughts on the international procedure and consequences of countering this phenomenon.

    About Swarajya:

    Swarajya was started in 1956 in India by renowned statesman and scholar, C.Rajagopalcgari ‘Rajaji’. Swarajya was independent India’s first magazine that advocated less government, spoke against statist socialism, supported individual liberty and stood for free enterprise.

    The magazine was the first coherent intellectual response to socialism in independent India. The magazine, however, folded up in the late 1970s after Rajaji’s death.

    The magazine was revived in 2014 with support of some of India’s top thinkers such as Jerry Rao, Bibek Debroy, and Manish Sabharwal. Relaunched Swarajya (see the site here) aims to promote a discourse in India which is focused on individual liberty, economic freedom and cultural rootedness.

    Swarajya remains committed to the ideals of individual liberty, free enterprise and India’s vast cultural heritage. As a platform, we have been able to promote long-form, scholarly analyses on a wide spectrum of topics including economics, policy issues, culture, etc. Swarajya 2.0 has two avatars —a digital daily and a flagship monthly print magazine.

    Swarajya also has a highly engaged readership. A typical Swarajya reader is a focussed, centre-right leaning individual inclined towards genuine thought exchange.

    Please do let us know your decision.Hoping for a positive response.


    Poulasta Chakraborty

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