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  1. BNLALL says:

    During the time of Atal Bihari Vajpayee the foreign policy of India was practical, keeping in view the national interests.Despite the sanctions imposed on India post Pokhra nuclear test, the PM stood firm on his ground.The PM did not visit foreign countries as a tourist but a practical statesman, projecting India`s interests. Soon all the countries realised the importance of Inda & relaxed sanctions gradually. Moreover, India realised the importance of becoming economically self sufficient which resulted in all around progress & growth making India shining during the NDA regime. In Defense preparedness George Fernedes,the then defense minister after paying his visit to China said that India was to prepare for twin dangers both from Pakistan & China. Creation of SARC by Rajiv Gandhi was good but including Pakistan, our arch rival was wrong.Instead of protecting our interests in these countries (like Munro Doctrine), we have allowed Pakistan in collaboration with China to use these countries at the cost of our national security. We do not believe in adventurous foreign policy but no country should think that India is a week country.Take the case of denying Modi visa by US Govt at the behest of few communal NGOs It was the duty of the Govt Of protect the national honour and the India Constitution as he was duly elected CM under the Indian Constittion. The track record of human rights of USA in Afghanistan & Iraq &Pakistan is worst by all standards of human rights enshrined in the UNO Charter. So our foreign policy must be in the national interests as declared by Narendra Modi,the NDA`s PM candidate, in TV interviews to several channels.

  2. Rasaal Dwivedi says:

    A very reasoned and compact analysis of foreign policy changes which are imperative for India.
    The strategic partnership with US began on such a high note but has got lost due to lack of political will and tactfulness. Next government must do all it can to go beyond transactional exchanges between the worlds largest democracies.
    The clarification on NDA’s proposed change in nuclear policy was much needed. Ambassador Puri’s explanation does allay concerns and highlight the dynamism needed in our nuclear policy doctrine.
    The ‘conspiracy of silence’ on China is not benefitting anyone and we can do better to collaborate or compete with our neighbour rather than just sit out on the differences.

  3. Alok Dwivedi says:

    I fully agree with your view sir.

  4. Rajesh N Naik says:

    Thank you sir! It’s very comprehensive and a highly useful read.

  5. Manoj John says:

    You were part of the MEA till very recently and handled the most sensitive issues in UN Security Council, how can you say now that there was ‘strategic confusion’ now ?, I see the statements in this Article as opportunistic

  6. Oopali Operajita says:

    Great , incisive article, Hardeep Singh Puri. I wish folks knew what you and I do: namely, that, for the most part, Foreign Service officers don’t decide on policy; politicians do. There lies the rub!

  7. Raja Nambiar says:

    I agree Hardeep Singh Puri Ji…Due to UPA …Lack of Clarity & defensive approach our foreign Policy needs a total new approach which is DECISIVE, PROACTIVE with keeping our National interest first …I am sure Narendra Modi ji & his able team bring a sea change after May 16 th…

  8. Hardeep Singh Puri says:

    Manoj John: You are entitled to your views. I am on record, including in the public domain, during my tenure from May 2009 to early 2013 to have advocated certain courses of action. Please read my speeches which are available on http://www.hardeepsinghpuri.com particularly in relation to Security Council reform. I can cite several other issues as well. I always had colleagues and senior members of the political class agreeing with me in private but hesitating to take action. This is what I call reticence and hesitation adding up to strategic confusion.

  9. Hardeep Singh Puri says:

    Oopali Operajita: This is only partly true. Strong advocacy well argued can result in policy shifts. We win some and live to try harder on other issues on which we feel strongly but are still to taste success. This is central to being a civil servant.

  10. Hardeep Singh Puri says:

    Raja Nambiar: I am confident that this will happen.

  11. Varun Rai Sharma says:

    for sure modi ji will revamp n re-boot fp @ hardep ji

  12. Oopali Operajita says:

    When you allude to “strong advocacy well argued (resulting) in policy shifts” and how that imbricated with your career in the IFS, I’m reminded of my late father, a public intellectual and administrator. Alas! You are in a minority, the both of you; which is why good – read “proactive” – governance, at the level of civil servants, is of paramount importance on the agenda, no matter which government comes to power. NB: I also mention that it is “for the most part” that diplomats don’t make decisions; but there are significant exceptions, like you. Having said that, I’m delighted that a career diplomat of your perspicuously outstanding calibre is in political life: this is what India sorely needs.

  13. Rajendra Abhyankar says:

    Hardee’s need a longer piece from you building on this which will elucidate the directions

  14. Siddharth Samson says:

    True , foreign policy will have to be rebooted. Our immediate neighbours are our immediate concerns……..having a non nonsense pragmatic approach by investing in the confidence our most trusted partners , we have to focus more on security, marine safety, economy and IP issues in order to foster a smooth non turbulent relationship based on our soft power

  15. Manjit Singh Sidhu says:

    I would like to thank HSP for bringing up such a short, to the point write-up on the issue of need to reboot our foreign policy post May 2014. Our relations with immediate neighbours, with world powers, European union, far east countries, trade, security all needs immediate boost as was visible during PM AB Vajpayee’s time. Immediate neighbours on our west and north needs to be dealt firmly to halt their aggressive postures. And sure the no- first- use nuclear policy needs a much deserving relook and needs to be integrated to the overall conventional military potential according to the developing situations around us. Wish once again India regains its shine on the international forums which went declining in last few years………!

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