8 Responses to “Politics and maturity”

  1. Savithri says:

    Rest is well but washing hands off 2002 for Modi may not be easy. Please share with us the exchanges with PM Vajpayee, it is believed these have explosive revelations.

  2. Oopali Operajita says:

    Interesting, and not surprising, Hardeep. Welcome back to India, and welcome to the dialogue of politics in India. When you’ve been in India a little longer, you will know that this is, for the better part, what you can expect. Amartya Sen laments the lack of intellectual rigour in India, and nowhere is it more evident than in public discourse. Bark, bark back; bite, bite back, call folks a few insalubrious names in between; and all this while the media cachinnates and attempts to run India. There is that, plus an alarming level of ad hominem rhetoric flying all over the place; stuff is in black or white – no shades of grey in between. So, who really cares if you point out that Kerala is doing well? It isn’t worth a tithe if the people of Kerala are doing well, because, ahem, the party that is in power there is not yours. So, what on earth are you doing praising it up? That’s political immaturity for you; but you’re going to hear much more of that, and, at pretty deafening decibels too.

  3. Manoj John says:

    We in Kerala don’t want communal politics for the time being, thanks

  4. Raja Nambiar says:

    Kerala Politics is all about Communal & a perfect example divide & rule of Congress & Communist party…..BJP need to do a lot of effort & focus in Kerala to get a good foot print in future elections…

  5. Parth0307 says:

    I sincerely hope the author and like minded persons shine brightly among the galaxy of leaders in the BJP. Whatever be one’s opinion of increase in
    productivity in Gujarat, and there is no doubting his immense popularity, an economic model which has created jobs over the years seems to have trumped a model of securing votes by increasing inflation and unemployment leading to a greater dependence on Government handouts. The reliance on a mention of RTI as a means of affirming the UPA’s commitment to corruption sits ill with an electorate tired of the inability of the UPA to generate jobs and keep them out of the clutches of corrupt anti poverty measures.

  6. Harish Kumar says:

    I agree that the voters in the world’s largest democracy have to exercise their political choice. If they do so with maturity, as they are most likely to, we will have a minimum of 5 years of stable governance. On the other hand, if they succumb to the disinformation and propaganda of the so-called secularists, all of us and Mother India could face destabilisation and chaos. But irony is, India is faced with uncertainty due to unpredictability of voting patterns in each election, opinion polls have always proved wrong and ineffective, the situation is worst this time due to 18 crore youth voters, despite all these odds, let us all hope India gets a majority government this time so that performance can be monitored in the next 5 years, also credit and discredit can also be measured on a minute political scale.

  7. Zeya Alam (Varanasi) says:


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