3 Responses to “The make believe world: Sanjaya Baru Part 2”

  1. Suresh Bangara says:

    Hardeep,my mind went back to your presentation at the Geneva IISS conference in 2012. I was seated next to the bigwigs of IISS. They hated what you said. Alas, you did not stay for my presentation when I brought them “from 30000 feet to sea level” Your comments are crisp and pithy. I am looking forward to part 3.

  2. Sumit Mitra says:

    Sanjaya Baru’s book is a worm’s eye view of the crushing of a fellow worm. Hardee’s Puri is spot on about Baru’s understanding of the basic anomaly in Manmohan Singh’s terms of appointment. Never in history was a worm dressed up more pompously as a bird.

  3. Professor Sorab Sadri says:

    Dear Sir

    That was illuminating and I thank you for it.

    Enjoy the week end. Regards

    Sorab Sadri

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